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Brazil Peaberry

$ 18.00 CAD
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Espresso Blend

$ 18.00 CAD
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Morning Bliss

$ 18.75 CAD
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Brazil Peaberry

Rich peanut and dark chocolate notes, some hazelnut. Buttery.
$ 18.00 CAD
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Why choose Eco?

We specialize in sourcing, roasting, and promoting specialty-grade, 100% Arabica single-origin coffees (Q-score 83+). Our company has been Fair Trade certified through Fair Trade USA since 2012 and is also certified with Rainforest Alliance. We have also had the privilege to be able to form a number of direct-trade partnerships with suppliers in Colombia and Brazil.

We use tech-enabled small-batch roasting to ensure consistency and reproducibility, maximizing freshness, and all but guaranteeing superb taste!

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White-Label Services:

From our roaster to your store.
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Custom Roasting & Blending

Our team of expert roasters will work with you to create the perfect coffee to suit your customers.

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Custom Packaging

Our white label coffee service is designed to make it easy for you to create custom packaging for your coffee products.

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Expert Consultation

Contact us to discuss your needs and goals and to request a quote if you are interested in our white label coffee supply services.

Operating a coffee roaster at the Eco-Coffee roastery and warehouse.

Our Coffee Blog.

Lots of coffee-related stuff.

Coffee Freshness

Many people don't realize that roasted coffee is a perishable product, and as a result, bitter, gross, nausea-inducing coffee that can't be consumed without milk and sugar is, sadly, the norm for most. It doesn't have to be that way. In this blog you will learn about coffee freshness and why it's an important determinant of coffee quality. We will tell you everything you need to know about keeping coffee as fresh as possible, no gatekeeping.