Who We Are

For nearly two decades, we have provided Waterloo Region with countless varieties of certified, specialty, and conventional coffee beans sourced either directly from the grower or from Canadian coffee importers. EcoCoffee owns and operates EcoCafe in St. Jacobs, a dynamic and cozy coffee shop serving brews, tea, specialty drinks and light fare, selling equipment and roasted coffee beans. In 2021, we opened a roastery in Waterloo that serves as our HQ, production facility and cupping lab.

Freshly roasted at our facility in Waterloo and sold at EcoCafe in St. Jacobs and other specialty retail shops in the Waterloo Region and beyond, EcoCoffee is proud to offer a no-nonsense approach to your daily cup of joe.‎

We have many types of coffee for you to choose from, from standard conventional beans which form the backbone of our delicious blends, to unique specialty-grade single origins which are limited in quantity and often difficult to procure. Whether you like bright and fruity, deep and chocolatey, or dark and roasty flavours, we have a single origin or blend that will satisfy.

Every coffee we source is sample-roasted and cupped by our team to determine which profile best enhances ‎the coffee’s natural, uniquely delicious characteristics. Have a specific profile in mind? No problem. We will roast your coffee the way you like it. Whether you're looking to buy coffee to drink (or roast!) at home, to feature at your cafe or to create your own unique blend and bag, we've got an offering for you.

New in 2023: Learn how to cup coffee! Group sessions available for up to 5 people.

Meet the Team

Ed - The Head Honcho

Ed is the driving force behind EcoCofee, overseeing all the comings and goings at our Waterloo roastery. Endlessly curious and entrepreneurial, Ed is committed to getting our coffee where it needs to be - in your cup.

Dan - Our Roastmaster

A chef by training, Dan learned to taste and appreciate the nuanced flavour of coffee at an early age. He has a very systematic approach to roasting and tasting coffee and is constantly looking for ways to improve his skills.

Austin - Our Production Roaster

Austin started as a barista at out sister company EcoCafe in St. Jacobs where he quickly became a mainstay on the bar. His understanding of coffee as a beverage and his cupping ability has allowed us to ensure our coffee remains top-notch.

Kat - Our Product Dev Manager

Broadly in charge of all things new at Eco, Kat has been working on a green bean home-roasting program and establishing our coffee tasting protocols. She also writes blog content and contributes photos to our Instagram.

The Evolution of an Idea

Many years ago, while living in Colombia, Edward learned about the history of coffee in the country and how it shaped his culture and heritage. He was hooked. Excited and buzzing with adrenaline (or caffeine), he began learning and formalizing what would eventually become the Eco-Coffee Corporation.

When he returned to Waterloo Region, he discovered that there was a need for a business providing high-quality, freshly and locally roasted coffee. He soon opened his first location, Northern Roast Coffee, in the Kitchener Market. In Colombia, coffee is about relationships so it was clear that Eco-Coffee needed to take the same approach here, in Canada.

"As we began to delve into the roasting and production, it became apparent that coffee was simply our medium but that our business was about people and about relationships. I have always loved to converse, communicate and learn. What better way to do so than with others, over coffee? We want to excel in providing the best coffee to our community, to share information that educates them about the industry, where coffee comes from, who it comes from, and how it is grown, milled, transported, and processed. We want to educate others in the best processes which create the best results and create satisfaction for those interested in something better than the norm."

-Edward Denyer