Artist Series: Trent Bauman- Espresso Blend

$ 26.00 CAD

Our Artist Signature Series pairs the most popular blends from our offering with labels designed by local artists to help promote their work. The artist receives $1 from each bag purchased, and you get to take home a collectible label sticker!

About the coffee:

This medium-dark roast has a satisfying, moderately-heavy body, a stone fruit and caramel sweetness and a crisp yet balanced lemony brightness. Since the very beginning, it has been our signature espresso and there is a reason, it makes a good shot! Try it in-person at the Eco Cafe in St. Jacobs.

About the artist:

Trent Bauman is a devoted artist who you have a good chance of finding sketching while sipping on a fresh espresso at the Cafe in St. Jacobs. We have known Trent for several years as the co-owner of Menno Martin Contractor.

Check out more of Trent's work over on Instagram @trentbauman.