Coffee Origin Experience:

Santander, Colombia.

October 2024

Seven Days in Paradise

October 2024

Transform what you know about coffee, its origin and its people over seven wonderful, event-filled days in the heart of Santander, Colombia.

Upon arrival in Bogota, Colombia, we will board a short domestic flight to the city of Bucaramanga in the region of Santander. We will stay on a traditional Colombian coffee farm which has been repurposed as a Posada (small hotel). From here, we will visit nearby towns, local coffee farms, Chicamocha National Park (PANACHI) and  the beautiful town of Barichara. This trip truly showcases the reality of the labour which is needed for sustaining our coffee we love so much, it educates and demonstrates the importance of all who touch the product before we ever get to taste it and all while breathing the fresh air, imbibing the sounds of nature away from the hustle and bustle of modern life. Most of the meals will be provided at the Posada, they are made with fresh ingredients and to order so you can count on having plenty of your new favourite foods. On the days we are out touring locally we will try the local restaurants aiming towards regional favourites which are highly recommended and unique.

A letter from the owner:

Dear Traveler,

This trip was 
created to provide you a comprehensive and immersive journey through the coffee collection and preparation experience; focused on methodologies establiched in the Department of Santander, Colombia. Once we are settled into this adapted yet traditional coffee farm, you will get hands on experience in each aspect of the coffee harvest process including picking, washing, grading, milling, roasting. We will also cover brewing in various manual forms, and we will also attend as a formal cupping at a local lab. We will travel along the byways to visit several coffee farms, to broaden your spectrum of knowledge of the cultivation of specialized coffee in this region.

Additionally, we will take the opportunity to visit a few iconic historic places in Santander including, the Chicamocha National Park called PANACHI with a spectacular gondola ride over the river canyon and a visit to Barichara, recognized as "the most beautiful town in Colombia".

I welcome you to this Colombia coffee adventure. I am confident that you will learn about the complete coffee experience from the warm, endearing and hardworking local community of Santander. I know that you will return home with expansive knowledge and unique experiences to share, and I hope that you will leave behind another seedling which will grow heartily to let others know how amazing this land can be as well as help provide a little more oxygen for humanity.

Edward Denyer                                                                                
CEO Eco-Coffee

Colombia: The Place and the Coffee

Colombia is one of the world's most popular and well-known coffee-growing regions with a long-standing reputation as a producer of consistent, high-quality coffee beans. Colombia is also the second-largest coffee producer after Brazil, exporting around 12 million 60-kilogram bags annually and the most well-known producer of mild coffees.

The country's unique and immensely varied geography created by the Andean mountain range, its tropical climate, and well-drained volcanic soils provide the ideal growing conditions for specialty-grade Arabica coffee. In Colombia, there are 8 major coffee-producing regions: Antioquia, Huila, Nariño, Quindío, Tolima, Cauca, Caldas, and Santander, most of which are located in the central and western parts of the country. There are also several other smaller coffee-producing regions like Sierra Nevada, Valle del Cauca, Boyacá, Risaralda, Magdalena, Caquetá, Meta, and Putumayo. They all produce different, unique coffees thanks to the high variability in growing conditions.

Santander, one of the smaller coffee-producing regions in Colombia, is located in the northeastern part of the country. It is not as well known as other, more popular growing regions like Antioquia, Caldas or Tolima but it is still a significant contributor to the overall economy in the country. The region is characterized by rugged terrain and mountainous landscapes, with elevations ranging from 1,000 to 2,000 meters above sea level. In this region, coffee is typically grown on small family-owned farms using traditional, shade-grown methods. The most popular varietals are Caturra, Bourbon, and Colombia, which are known for their balanced flavour profiles, typically with notes of chocolate, nuttiness, and bright, juicy acidity. Geishas are becoming popular among specialty producers and the country is also increasingly field-testing new specialty varietals and hybrids. The cool, temperate climate of the Santanderian highlands is one of the most important factors contributing to the complex flavour profile of coffee produced in the region. Coffee harvest season in the Santander region typically runs from October to January, with peak harvest in December, so we'll get there just as the cherry-picking gets going.

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