Signature Series Gift Bags

$ 45.00 CAD

We are excited to announce our EcoCoffee roasted Signature Series featuring a variety of coffee with a central theme, Fermentation!

Each one of these special single origins have been sample roasted in several profiles, then cupped against one another to pinpoint the degree of roast which best enhances the nuanced flavours that were created by the fermentation process.

Please be aware that each of the origins in this Signature Series has a limited availability as we will not have access to the coffees until the next lot is available. Each lot is also unique as the fermentation process is hard to replicate exactly each time.

Current offering:

  • Brazil Anaerobic 120H - Mundo Novo\Topazio - Pulped Cherry
  • Colombia Las Frutas - Caturra - Honey Processed
  • Brazil Cachoeira Ferment - Bourbon - Honey Processed

For information on the single origins included in the Signature Series, please see the individual roasted or green coffee product pages.