Artist Series: Wendy Orr- Mr. Peabody Blend

$ 27.00 CAD

Our Artist Signature Series pairs the most popular blends from our offering with labels designed by local artists to help promote their work. The artist receives $1 from each bag purchased, and you get to take home a collectible label sticker!

About the Coffee:

Our Mr. Peabody Espresso has excellent acidic balance, a round, satisfying body and produces a beautiful, smooth crema. The fragrance has notes of cherry wood, honey (heavy sweet floral notes), brown sugar, and light citrus. This blend has notes of chocolate, orange peel, light clove and vanilla, and a caramelized honey sweetness.

About the Artist:

To those who loved marbles as kids, this piece is a reminder of simpler, perhaps happier, times. The artist, Wendy Orr, hails from Stratford, Ontario, where she is a member of Gallery 96. She is a graduate of the Illustration program at Sheridan College, holds a BA in Visual Arts from Western Ontario and has been teaching art at the secondary school level for 23 years. Essential to her body of work is her use of light to provide perspective and texture. The marbles look so real that you may want to reach out and grab them!

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